Thursday, May 31, 2007

Off to Parliament

Jordan, fresh from his stage triumph in The Boyfriend, now finds himself headed for a bigger stage, the Western Australian Student Parliament to be held in Perth in August. Jordy was selected to represent the electorate of Vasse and will join about 90 other students from around the state for a three day experience of parliament. They will hold debates and discussions in a mock parliament, getting a first hand taste of what the democratic system and electoral representation is like. It's a great opportunity and honour for him, although some of his preliminary legislative ideas, like his creative writing, have been on the radical side. Hopefully the experience will be both beneficial and fun and he'll make the most of it.

I loved going to things like this when I was a kid, especially meeting new people and having lots of long creative discussions. It was on a camp for talented English students that I met Sally and we've been friends ever since, not just growing up together, but getting married, raising families and now maturing! into middle age!

Our local member is Troy Buswell who was head boy at Busselton High School and has risen to be deputy leader of the state Opposition. It will not surprise me if he goes on to become Premier some day! He's offered Jordan his support and resources as he prepares for the student parliament. Apparently there is reading and preparation to do in the lead-up.

Before I go just a little boast; I maintained my 100% winning record at the Scrabble Club last night with another 3 wins.


Zaac said...

jordy's establishing himself as quite the all rounder eh, first champion boy at sports now he's the parliamentary representative! and i can imagine the creative legislation that he'd come up with too, brilliant! sounds like the kind of thing i would have loved..

Phils Phun said...

Well Done