Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blue Dog

Meetings for much of the day, which of course means doodling! I saw a picture in a magazine I bought that inspired me to have a go at something a little different this time and tonight I scanned it and coloured it and here's how it looks, in two different schemes.
(Blogger didn't want to upload it directly so I'm posting them separately via Picasa.)

After the Youthcare meeting tonight I went to see Zodiac, an interesting murder mystery, tracing a case that began in the late 60's and is still not officially solved. The crimes were random and brutal and left me chilled. It made me think I'm glad God is the final judge, the thought of such evil going unpunished is abhorrent.
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Peter said...

Hi Marcus, for what it's worth I prefer this one... but I'm not a buyer for either, sorry.

WV; bloofzg sounds a bit like the wizard of id ??

2Peter said...

I prefer this one too, the other one looks a bit "unfinished".

The bright blue background in this one is a bit much for me as well, but that's probably more a matter of taste.

I'm a little surprised the dog can hold his head up or eat food. :-)

Looks like I might be in Busso in August, maybe we could catch up. At the very least, it'll give you an opportunity to try and dispel all those terrible stories people keep telling about you. :-0

Marcus said...

That would be great 2Pete, I'd love to meet you. Are you coming on your own? with family? for work? for pleasure?