Saturday, May 26, 2007


It rained tonight. I mean it really rained! Not for long, but when it rained, it poured. I was driving the taxi and even with the wipers on top speed visibility was very difficult. Huge puddles formed on the road and the car sent giant waves of spray sideways as I drove through them.

We're so much more aware of water now, with a major drought and much speculation over how best to ensure Perth's water needs into the future, that heavy rain is a real blessing.
A woman I picked up in the cab a couple of weeks ago told me that it takes rain water 150 years to get from the surface all the way through to the Yaragadee Aquifer, the major water source for Busselton and the south-west! Imagine that, 150 years of trickling and seeping and wending it's way through the earth! Any wonder there was such a fight to preserve it and prevent it being tapped for supplying Perth with 45 gigalitres a year. (To be honest, I have no idea how big a gigalitre is but I'm guessing it's more than I could store in my fridge).
I'd really like to get a rainwater tank and capture the water that runs off the roof and into the storm water drains. That alone would represent a considerable saving of water each year.
I can't claim to be very green but I do dislike waste.

Jordan had the second performance of The Boyfriend tonight, in Margaret River.
We're going to see the show tomorrow night, which will be our second trip to Margaret River for the day because Sport Boy has a soccer game there at 10.00 o'clock tomorrow morning.
It's 3.30 now so I'd best get to bed so I'm in some sort of shape to get up and get down there in time to coach the team.

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