Monday, May 21, 2007

Inspiring Art

I've felt flat most of the day and vaguely irritated for no clear reason. I had a headache which kept me in bed all morning.
I'm still feeling the physical effects and discomfort from my operation during the week and that is bothering me a bit.

I spent most of the afternoon dozing, reading and watching art programs on TV from the relative safety of my recliner chair.
I particularly enjoyed a documentary about environmental artist Dan Horgan who along with another of my favourite artists, Andy Goldsworthy, creates sculptures and artworks out of things they find in nature, on the beach, in the bush etc.Dan Horgan working on his installation at Santa Barbara.
One of Andy Goldsworthy's rock cairns., very similar to some of Horgan's work, usually done in the natural environment, in forests, fields, beaches or mountains.

Feeling a little more inspired I screen printed numbers and "Miffy" logos on the new volleyball team shirts I bought yesterday. I used to do a lot of screen printing but this time it is primarily to get the volleyball nazis off our back!

This evening I worked on a couple of paintings and then hung some of my newer stuff on the walls. It is always surprising to see how much better a picture looks once you hang it.
I have quite a collection now and would love to sell some but don't have a proper outlet. Originally this weekend was going to see Wilma and I running a joint exhibition at a cafe in town but it has been sold and is currently closed and the project has lapsed.


maria said...

Just saw the Dan Horgan movie myself - a year after your view and comments. In searching for more info on dan, I came across your blog and also love Andy Goldsworthy's work.

Am no artist myself but love their work.

Anonymous said...

just viewed the Art of Dan Horgan and absolutely loved it. i have been a rock llover for all my life , have some in my garden and never quite sure of why or what to do with them other than admire them. How can one person know clearly what to do and another just skirt around the rocks in a vague unfullfilled way. i may be inspired now. Would love more photos of his work.

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring artist -Dan Horgan. I have been carting rocks home from obscure places for years and display them invarious ways! Dan's work has given me some inspiration to do some more creative work with rocks.