Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sport Boy on the Ball

The Cornerstone 10's returned to their goalscoring best this morning with a 10-2 victory against Margaret River. After being involved in setting up a few goals I could see Sport Boy's hunger to score growing so I called him over and reminded him to keep working for the team and the goals would come. By the end of the game he'd scored 4 times!
The team played really well with some great passing moves transferring the ball from end to end and clinical finishing. Jacob scored one fantastic goal, arriving at the far post to hammer the ball into the net after a great set of passes and a cross from the right wing. A bit later Sport Boy was on the end of a similar move. It was amazing to watch really and the parents on the sideline were very impressed.
After the game the ref told me that Sport Boy was the best on the ground (He didn't know he belongs to me) (Or that his name is Sport Boy!) and that he moved really well and played very good soccer. It feels good when someone else affirms your child rather than it just being your own biased opinion!

After the game the boys explored the toy shop and lolly shop while Carolyn and I had a look around a few of the gift shops and galleries in Margaret River. As always I saw lots of things that inspired me to try new things in art including a wonderful submarine made out of timber and beaten tin and incorporating gauges and mechanical objects similar to the ones I've been collecting at garage sales.

Back in Busso I went to Bunnings to get a new shower head for the kid's bathroom to replace one that was leaking and dripping everywhere. Following on from last night's post I had no option but to buy a water-saving shower head, even though I know that they don't always give the most satisfying showering experience. That may in fact discourage the kids from staying in the shower quite so long!! And it also reminds me of a mate called Ben in Melbourne who earns his living as a travelling salesman selling shower heads! My mates and I always laugh about it, it sounds like such an unlikely way to make a living, but he seems to do pretty well out of it so I guess the joke's on us!

In about half an hour we're leaving for Margaret River to go and watch Jordy's play, "The Boyfriend". I've seen a lot of it in the rehearsals over the last few weeks but I'm looking forward to seeing the whole show in it's finished performance.
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