Friday, May 25, 2007

Phil, A Real Writer

My mate Phil started a blog a couple of years ago.
Then he closed it down for lack of inspiration.
He recently spent a few weeks back in Afghanistan, a place he has spent a number of years as an aid and development worker along with his wife Julie.
This most recent trip unplugged the creative blockage and he has relaunched his blog.
It's not main stream.
It's left of centre.
It's not necessarily to everyone's taste.
But, it's well written and insightful and challenging and well worth an occasional visit.
He's exploring the medium of cartooning too.
If you feel so inclined you can get there from here.

Phil is trying to establish himself as a writer. He's had one book published, a non-fiction book entitled "From Under a Leaky Roof", an account of the difficulties faced by Afghan refugees in Australia. If you Google Phil Sparrow you'll find heaps of references to and reviews of his book.
(I've got a signed copy!)

He has now written a fiction book but has not yet been able to get it published.

All of this leads me to reveal that for most of my life I've thought about writing a book.
I know LOTS of people say that and I'm not claiming anything special by saying it, and nor have I done anything in order to make it a reality. But, Phil inspires me to want to make a serious attempt! The fact that I don't have a story or a plot or a clear idea what I'd write about or whether it would even be fiction or non-fiction are not deterrents! Either I've got it in me to be able to write a book or I haven't and the only way to test it is to have a go!
Now all I need is a deadline! And a massive kick start!

I don't know when it will happen, or even if, but the time has come to make the dream a reality, or to give it up and acknowledge I was kidding myself all along!
Decisions decisions!

Obviously blogging is a form of writing that I enjoy and have become very devoted to. The challenge is to channel that same enthusiasm and committment into a major project like a book!
With some 20 years experience in youthwork and chaplaincy I feel I have some insights and stories to tell but my leaning is try and write a novel. I've heard it said that all first novels are autobiographical to some extent. It makes sense that people write from what they know and their personal experience so I daresay that my "novel" would reflect some of my journey and career even if it wasn't the main theme or topic of the book.

I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

I have just read about the paintings and I prefer the less coloured one. love mum

2Peter said...

Have you ever read "Everything I ever needed to know I learnt in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulgum (or one of his other books)? With your writing style, I could really imagine you doing something like this.

It's just me coming to Busso. I thought I would have mentioned it before, but maybe I didn't: my parents still live in Busselton. I usually get over to see them more often, but it's been 18 months now. Really looking forward to seeing them.

Phil said...

what a nice fellow you are to give a whole blog entry to me! I'll have to return the favour/.

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ Thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes. I had a great day and tonight I am waiting for Geoff and his wife Joanne to arrive to stay overnight. Geoff does a lot of work in my garden for which I am most grateful. John has been in Coffs Harbour for a week and I have his 2 little dogs here. Hope all is well at your place. Good luck with the planned novel!! Love, Merle.