Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blonde Encounter

Another late night in the taxi, transporting drunks and idiots around Busselton. Sometimes they are one or the other but sometimes they are both .
For example!
I sat outside one house for 5 minutes tonight (5 minutes of taxi time is like dog years, about 30 minutes to a human) blowing my horn and waiting.

Then I heard over the two way the customer ring back complaining that her taxi hadn't arrived.
Gavin told her I was outside waiting.


"He's there now!"

"Is it still coming?"


"What did you say? I can't hear you."


I went to the door to issue a personal invitation.

Sorry for any stereo-typing or prejudices I may betray with this next comment,
but she was blonde.
And drunk.
And thick.
And swore like a trooper.

And I didn't laugh when she banged her head on the door as she got out of the cab, but I was sorely tempted!!!

Apart from this annoying encounter it wasn't a bad night.

One group I picked up included some insurance brokers in town for a conference, one of whom, Peter Bicars, turned out to have lived in Wudinna for 5 years and knows my sister Vicki and her husband Rex! Small world.

For the few readers out there who feel any sympathy for me in my post-op trauma, things have settled internally but the wound is taking it's time and giving me a degree of pain and discomfort I had not anticipated or known about. I'm thinking of going back to the Dr. just to check everything is as it should be.

To bed now: there's a soccer game in the morning, and then round 2 of the Cats V WA Double Header as Geelong take on Fremantle at Kardinia Park. I've been talking it up a bit, just got to hope the Cats don't do the usual thing and let me down!

Jordy's play premieres tomorrow night in Augusta. The rehearsals have been very good this week so it should go well. We're going to see it next week when they put it on in Margaret River (and the tickets are about half the price!)

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