Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

After the great result in the footy it was always going to be a good mothers day, though perhaps not for my Mum who I think went to the game. She's a West Coast supporter!

I went out and delivered half the junk mail while we waited for Sophie and Jordan to get home from work then we went for a drive down the back roads to Dunsborough. We also checked out all the beach house mansions on Geographe Bay Rd with Sport Boy murmuring "Sweet House" and "Mansion" as we drove past each one.

It was a cold wintery day so nobody wanted to get out of the car even when we were ordering and eating dinner.
We had "Big Pig Pizza" from Dunsborough which was pretty good although it wasn't our first choice.
Carolyn had wanted Thai food from the Thai takeaway restaurant next door but a succession of hygiene episodes in the 5 minutes we were standing at the counter considering menu options eventually put us off!
In the space of 5 minutes one girl at the counter committed the following acts.
1. Did her hair in the mirror before taking up duties behind the counter.
2. Sneezed twice without covering her mouth.
3. Used a serviette to wipe/blow her nose.
4. Did not wash her hands.
5. Ran her fingers through her hair again.
6. Picked up a plastic spoon and fork by the "eating" end and wrapped them in a serviette and placed them in the box of cutlery for customers.
7. Picked her nose!!!!

This final act was the back breaker and we left! I contemplated asking to speak to the manager to highlight these events but decided not to make an issue of it, preferring just to spend our money elsewhere and leave the unsuspecting people of Dunsborough to their Thai food fate!!

We talked and laughed in the car and Carolyn lamented, not for the first time, that her jokes go unappreciated. My response was that's it's hard to appreciate what you don't recognise!!
Don't go giving me any grief about it being Mothers Day, Carolyn's not my mother!
There were two little kids in the car next to us while we waited for the pizzas who kept the kids entertained with a succession of comments about our respective cars etc.
We bought ice cream for dessert but decided it would be easier to eat at home than in the car.

Favourite Daughter and Sport Boy put their mum to bed while Jordy and I watched the footy on TV. I was impressed with the number of questions Jordan was asking about the football, a game he's never shown any interest in, but he divulged that he was bored!

I dozed in the recliner through Robin Hood and something else before waking up sufficiently to blog.
The final bit of good news for the night being that Tottenham beat Manchester City thus ensuring they've qualified for the UEFA Cup again next season after finishing 5th in the league.


thai news said...

sad story for the thai food.

Anonymous said...

If we had to loose i'm glad it was to geelong, i'm really happy for your sake, and alan's.
once again blogger wont let me post as the bear lady, so am doing it this way.
love mum