Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Made first emergency call to Dominos tonight. Otherwise, all is well.

I could have cooked dinner... if I hadn't spent an hour delivering junk mail when I got home then had to drop Sophie off at work, pick up the pizza and Lauren the baby-sitter to look after Sport Boy before heading off to Margaret River to take Jordy to rehearsals.
In the end 131888 seemed like the wisest choice, certainly the most convenient.

At Margaret River I sat painting while the kids and cast rehearsed. They're doing a good job but you'd never know it from the way the director and his assistant treat the kids! They yell at them all the time, mostly to "Shut Up!!". Admittedly the kids do talk a lot and make more noise than they should, but that is no excuse for the way they talk to them and treat them. One of the other, senior, cast members actually threatened one of the kids tonight. I'm not sure of the circumstances but it wasn't appropriate and I ended up confronting them and challenging them on their behaviour and attitude. They couldn't put the play on without the kids, who are giving their time and heaps of effort into rehearsing, but they never affirm them or congratulate them or tell them they're doing a good job, it's just constant pressure and criticism. As I said to them tonight, I'm amazed the kids haven't quit. Of course, there are two sides to the story and I talked to Jordy about it on the way home, trying to emphasise to him the importance of staying quiet and listening when they are being given directions. The level of frustration amongst the kids is growing, but the same can be said for the adults who are keen for it to be a success and are probably worried that the kids are going to let them down.
I imagine my intervention tonight will have stirred things up a bit, hopefully both sides will appreciate what the other is doing and find ways to cooperate and work together. It's only a couple of weeks until they perform so the pressure is on.

The rabbit still had left-overs in it's cage tonight so I'm not feeding it any more food until it finishes what it's already got.


Zaac said...

probly gave it shepards pie or something like that, definitely gonna be one sick bunny in ten days time! dominoe's sounds like 'twill do well this week tho. managed to bag two dinners and two desserts tonite! then watched liverpool beat chelsea in the champions league semi final.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would like to enquire as to what these left overs were?? Hmmmm
So did the forward planning come into play this morning and there is meat defrosting ready for tonight?? hehe Cara
Also i guess he did say he discussed stuff with Jordy in the car so did manage to remember to bring him home . . . . :P

Zaac said...

think he's using a new tactic, don't leave them there and go off somewhere else and that way he doesn't have a chance to forget!