Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Monday Blues Today

It's always good to go to work the Monday after Geelong have beaten West Coast, working as I do with a majority of Eagles fans.

The day ended with football as well, a game between our kids from Busselton and the Clontarf junior team from Newton Moore in Bunbury. I went up as the extra staff member but ended up helping to umpire the game along with two young guys from Clontarf. It reminded me that I quite enjoy umpiring and perhaps should get back involved with it. I did a couple of seasons before we moved from Perth.

My ankle is feeling ok, post steroid injection, although the swelling hasn't gone down much. I really want to be able to play footy again for the masters so I need it to get better.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day. Jason is coming to school to do a series of seminar presentations to all 5 year groups and I need to be there early tomorrow to help him get set up, and it's also the interschool athletics carnival with Youthcare running the food stall so I need to give a bit of a hand out there too.


jayne said...

what a great end to what started off as being a pretty dodgy season!back in europe - yay!lots of speculation here about whether berbatov will stay,lots of the big clubs are after him but i think he'll stay with us for a season or 2 yet.

i know - my blog is a bit tragic at the minute and how embarrassing to have two "pop stars" on it one after the other! ha ha!

i'll be in busso 14-18th july - would be great to catch up with you guys!

Zaac said...

the game has it's second ever post!