Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blue Dog 2

The detail is a bit hard to see this small but if you click on the pictures they'll enlarge.
Readers, you may or may not like these, that doesn't matter, but I am curious which of the two versions you prefer. If you've got an opinion, leave me a comment.
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Anonymous said...

So you asked for opinions so i thought i would give one . . . in my very NON expert opinion of art and painting i prefer the colour one, i find the black one a bit more dark in its meaning.
Hope you have notched up a few hours of Sophies driving book!!

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ I am no art expert, nut I much prefer the black and white one. Don't like the yellow one at all. Hope you are all well and recovering from various operations.
Love to all, Merle.

Zaac said...

yeh, i prefer the top one. i had meetings all day yesterday.. was ready to gnaw my own leg off by the end of it, used my tenuous connection to the wireless network to trade banter over facebook with guy who was also stuck in the meetings.