Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Stars Align

Sometimes things all come together at the one time to create challenges and opportunities. It's been a bit like that the last couple of days.

I got an unexpected phone call today from Josh, my successor at Carine, with some potentially bad news about the Cool School Race Camp I run each year. Politics has reared it's head and the future participation of Carine is in doubt. Considering they usually have 80+ kids on the camp that's a significant issue!
At the same time I've been dealing with phone calls from a colleague who's experiencing some trouble in her job, seeking my support via WASSCA, the Chaplains Association.
Rolf emailed this week to start the ball rolling for the Executive for Augusta Beach Mission, suggesting we meet sometime in June.
And, on a greater or lesser level of importance, it's time for the mid-season draft in the Fantasy Footy League!

What all that means is that next Friday I'm going up to Perth for 4 meetings! I always try and maximise my time when I go up there so this is a pretty efficient way to deal with all the things going on at the moment, and it just happens to be a pupil-free day at school, even better.

Paul cam round tonight and we finally got down to work on teaching me how to update and manage the new website he's created for the Volleyball Association.
This is the first time I've been directly involved in the workings of a proper website, as opposed to a blog. Blogs are generally pretty user-friendly and simple.
The website, with it's html and myriad other technical elements is going to be far more challenging!
However, I did manage to make some progress tonight and have up-loaded some info, results, and info, and at about the 4th attempt, managed toi get it from my computer to the server and thus onto the web!
I hope it will become a really useful tool and conduit for all the people and teams who play volleyball in Busso. It's nothing special at this stage but it's a start. Feel free to cruise over for a look at the appropriately named

The European Champions League Final is about to start and as a quasi pom when it come to soccer, Im barracking for Liverpool against AC Milan, with the game being played in Athens.

PS. Thanks to those who gave feedback about the two versions of the Blue Dog picture.
I'm also excited to report that one of my faithful readers, 2Peter, is coming to Busselton for a visit and we'll be able to meet face-to-face, my first encounter with someone met in cyberspace! Looking forward to it.


Peter said...

Hi Marcus, say g'day 22peter for me when you meet him 2.

2Peter said...

Yes, unfortunately I won't be making it 2 Queensland 2 meet the other Peter 2. Actually, it would be 2 much 2 cope with 2 of you!

Marcus said...

Maybe we can play some 2Up!