Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I do not feel the need to justify myself or defend my actions but seeing as my reputation is being questioned and the commentedians are harrassing me, here is genuine proof that the rabbit, one Starsky, is ALIVE and WELL, and that Sport Boy is suffering NO ill effects from the extended separation from his mother who is now just 4 days away from coming home.


Zaac said...

what other rabbit? is this the poor bunny whose feet you've been posting around the country?! (loving the starsky and hutch pun btw) and as for the "free will" statement from paulie "what do i say?" at the start is hardly filling me with belief in his well being, fotunately for you his smile is far too natural to be faked. (i would have taken the laptop out the box and had him drop it if i were the film director, fortunately for me; i wasnt)
taa muchly for the birthday present, i dread to ask if you insured it! will have to coat its journey to me in prayer just in case!

2Peter said...

Isn't it amazing what can be achieved with video editing thse days! I didn't know this was a skill you possessed Marcus, but it's very well done!