Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Happy Birthday to The Heir. Your "present" cost me $120 today, in postage!!!!
The toy had better be worth it!!


Joshy said...

Go the mac! When is zac's birthday?

Anonymous said...

hehehe just got back from RnR in Perth and logged on to find out what the news was and had to comment hehe
This is deffinently the proof that we needed . . .thanks, hope you didn't feel too pressured!! :P

Marcus said...

The Heir was born on May 29 1997, a great lump of a child who took his sweet time arriving.
The whole event was videoed for a pre-natal class and should he give any more trouble said video may just find it's way onto YouTube!
Although, I daresay his mother might object!

Zaac said...

1997 eh? that would make me all of ten years old... Cara, don't be decieved, note the comments about rabbits feet below!