Saturday, May 05, 2007

Am I Cool or What?

Sport Boy was transformed into Disco Boy for last night's party and didn't he love it!!

You looking at me?

A casualty of today's Half Ironman Triathlon at Busselton. I was on duty as a volunteer for a few hours this afternoon. I was a "catcher", waiting at the finish line to assist and support the triathletes as they finished, removing theior timing bands from their wet and sweaty ankles, trying not to pull any hair off with it for those who hadn't shaved down for the event. Pitiful as it sounds, I was sore and tired at the end from the continual kneeling! These people had just swum, ridden and run for the last 6 hours and I was struggling with a few knee bends!! As I said, pitiful!!

I chatted to this competitor after the race and asked him how much his bike cost? "Oh, it's only a cheap one for this sort of thing, about $5500." Right!!! He told me that the top guys are paying over $3000 just for the carbon wheels on their bikes!!!!!

Sport Boy was best on ground in this morning's soccer game at Dunsborough, he threw himself into everything, running, chasing, tackling and doing everything he could in the quest for victory. We went from 1-0 up to 2-1 down by half time. He got tackled and tripped and fouled repeatedly throughout the game and had to go off hurt a couple of times. When he came back on with 7 minutes left he won a very tough contested ball in midfield, beat a couple of players and sent a brilliant pass through to Ben C who beat a player and shot from distance to score the equaliser ; one of the best goals the team has ever scored.
It was a nail-biting finish with Cornerstone doing most of the attacking and Dunsborough defending desperately. Then, with 14 seconds left on the clock, one of our kids gave the ball away outside the penalty area and a Dunsb. kid pounced to score the winning goal! It was pretty disappointing after the fightback and I was kicking myself for not having taught them what to do in such a situation, to just clear the ball into touch and regroup in defense! Next time.
It was a great game none-the-less. Sport Boy came off a little worse for wear, with a sore knee, and a few scratches in a very private area as a result of a clumsy challenge from one of the opposition! He was a bit distressed when he undressed for a bath and discovered the injury. It wasn't serious but it's never pleasant being injured anywhere in the groin region.
He spent the afternoon playing at Jack's while I was at the Ironman which no doubt contributed to his tiredness, the results of which are clear to see.
Ah! The junk mail! There's a massive 17 pamphlets to fold ready for delivery this week. That's because I'm combining the weekend and midweek deliveries in order to save a bit of time! Well that's the theory!

I had a call with Carolyn tonight who is having a lovely relaxing time with Ray.

NB. The rabbit, despite my best efforts at neglect, is still alive!

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Zaac said...

gutting result for paulie, shame, sounds like he played well tho. had a kick about last nite, was tired so mostly played rubbish sloppy football but made one beautiful run from the goal (i was keeper at the time) to recive a cross from binnie, which i volleyed beautifully through with my left foot no less!
still waiting on youtube proof of life and news of a macbook. ;]

Marcus said...

Jordan took a phone message from a transport co. and a couple of numbers today. I suspect they have my new toy.

Zaac said...

excellent news. if its "your toy" you wont mind paying the remainder of the cost then?