Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pop Drops In

We had a special guest for the weekend. Pop came down from Victoria for the funeral of one of his life-long friends, Anne Grimshaw, at Cobram. After the funeral he drove down to spend a couple of days with us at Ocean Grove. 

Sport Boy enjoyed seeing his Grampa.

 Farewell from a cold and windy spot near Kardinia Park. Pop flew back to Brisbane tonight.

Sport Boy pole "dancing"!


The other highlight of the weekend was buying a new (second hand) car. I needed a car to get to work so that Mrs Holt Press could have hers back to get around in. It's a 2001 Falcon Futura AUII station wagon which runs on gas (dual fuel) and has only done 90,000km. It wasn't the sort of car I thought I'd buy but it's in such good condition and with low km and running on gas  it was almost too good to pass up.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Busselton to Ocean Grove

Finally getting around to posting some pictures, a selection of shots from Busselton to Ocean Grove.

 Alex and I at the end of the trip, the big drive across the country, 3700km in total, a good number for Al.
 Al is a good musician but his talents don't extend to opening gates. I had to get out and do it myself.

 Sleeping in the passenger's seat. The Yaris is a good little car but not ideal for big blokes trying to rest before their next shift in the driver's seat.
 Al harassing talking to Chris about his favourite subject, music. He managed to score an invitation back at any time. We stayed the night at Esperance before launching off across the desert.
 An absolute treat when we got to Victoria was seeing the Birches who are nearing the end of their round-Australia trip. They were staying at Ocean Grove caravan park and we had a BBQ dinner with them before a lovely walk on the beach. They've had a great time but are pretty keen to get home after nearly a year on the road. I have been very blessed to be able to see or spend time with a number of my closest mates and friends over the last couple of months and Birchy fits that category perfectly. They were away when we made the decision to move so it was very special that the timing worked out for us to catch up once we got to Victoria.
 Chris is another very close friend so the Esperance deviation was another bonus. We both shed a little tear when we said goodbye. Chris has already planned a trip to Victoria in January and has bought tickets to take Sport Boy to the Australian Open when she's here. There'll be some footy trips to enjoy as well only this time I will be able to play host.
 Favourite Daughter and Sport Boy at the airport. We had a great family dinner in Mt Lawley the night Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy flew to Melbourne. Favourite Daughter is heading back up to Halls Creek next week with a friend for her first big adventure in the Kombi and then hopefully we'll see her in mid December when she moves over here.
 Saying goodbye to Mum, our first stop was at Bridgetown. Mum is a bit sad about us moving away, esecially Sport Boy. I expect we'll see plenty of her on trips to Victoria now that two of her children and six of her grandkids are living here.
 Allied Pickford's slogan is "The Careful Movers". They weren't careful enough to send our mattress though!
While the bulk of our furniture and belongings arrived in the main container, the "Balance of load" did not arrive at the same time. Just a few items missing: Our mattress, sofa, dining table, microwave and plasma TV!!! They finally delivered the rest of our stuff on Friday night. Except for a table and at least one carton that is!! Mrs Holt Press is not impressed.
 The first container being filled.
 Sport Boy in his new school uniform.
 Noel and Steph who did a fantastic amount of work to help us get ready to move. Noel repainted about four rooms of the house and Steph did a stack of cleeaning after the house was empty, plus they put us up for a few nights before we left. Brilliant generous hospitable people who epitomise faith in action.
 The point of departure, Norseman.
 We took a wrong turn leaving Adelaide but it took us past the place where I had the privilege of performing Daniel and Jana's wedding a few years ago.
 Re-enacting a scene from my youth, hitch-hiking west at the Whyalla turn-off. From here the next decent sized place is Perth, 2000 odd km away. I hitched through here a number of times, and slept in the bush on the side of the road one windy night while waiting for a lift.
Bon voyage, Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy about to board the plane for Melbourne.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Early Starts

I get to sleep in tomorrow, I don't start work until 6.40! a.m. that is!

Yesterday I started at 5.55, this morning it was 5.42.

Anyone who knows me knows this is a major challenge! Some might say it's a miracle!

Friday I start at 5.20! Pray for me!

The good news is we finally got connected to the net (blogosphere) today although it did take the technician on the other end of the phone at Dodo an hour to sort it out and coach me through the process!

I'll post a few pics of latest goings-on soon but right now I have to go to bed, gotta be up early in the morning! Aagh!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Since I last blogged...

*We arrived in Geelong on Sunday night, the trip went well, 3700km in all.

*Spent a day recovering before starting work at Benders Buses on Tuesday.

*Sport Boy started school on Monday.

*Alex stayed with us for a couple of days before flying home to Perth on Wednesday.

*Got crook at work on Thursday arvo and had to come home, throwing up twice before I got there.

*Friday the movers delivered the bulk of our furniture, Unfortunately the balance of the load was still in Perth!! Just a few items missing like our bed! The plasma TV. Microwave oven. Dining table. Sofa!!!!
It is now on its way too and theoretically should be here by Thursday or Friday!

*Unpacked and sorted out our stuff and moved in to 13 Mermaid Ave and slept there for the first time on Friday night.

*Saturday, Sport Boy went to the Geelong show with a new friend from school, Dylan and had a great time.

*Sunday (today) went to church at The Wave, just around the corner, and liked it. Now in Queenscliff having had fish and chips for lunch. Browsing around the shops, a very pretty little seaside tourist town where everything is open! Its all Busselton could and should be but isn't!!

*Using the internet at the tourist centre to blog!

*Heading home to watch the Australian Moto GP at Philip Island: Next year we'll take the ferry across and go to it live! Sport Boy and I that is!

*It is colder here. It snowed at Dandenong and King Lake yesterday!! Mrs Holt Press is not enjoying the cold! We had the fire lit yesterday which made a big difference.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Esperance to Wudinna

We've stayed the night at Vicki and Rex's place at Wudinna, "night" being a loose term to describe the hours between 5.40am and 1.30pm. We would have been here a little earlier if Al had noticed Wudinna when he drove through it and hadn't waited until Kyancutta to wake me up ask me if we were there yet! 30km and half an hour of back tracking later and we were here. We've had a few hours sleep, a shower and a quick catch-up with Vicki and are now about to head off for Adelaide.

We will probably stay there for the night and make the final leg of the journey to Geelong tomorrow.
A little longer than originally planned but a safer gentler trip.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Bye Bye Busselton

I've bidden Busselton farewell. After 6 good years we have officially left and are about to start a new life at Ocean Grove.

Alex and I got on the road at about 2.00 this afternoon and are currently in Esperance, staying the night at Chris' place.

I managed to knock off a dozen or more jobs on my to do list this morning, packed the car, handed over the keys to the tenants, went and said goodbye to Favourite Daughter and we hit the road.

We stopped in Bridgetown just long enough to drop off some paintings and hedge trimmers at Mum and Walter's, say another goodbye then continued on via Kojonup, Gnowangerup, Ongerup and Jerramungup!

Despite warnings about kangaroos between Ravensthorpe and Esperance we didn't see a single roo, and are glad about it too. Chris had some great spaghetti waiting for us on arrival at 10.30.

It's great to have a rest stop available here before we set off for the big drive east in the morning. The next significant stop will be at Wudinna to see Vicki.

Should make it to Geelong late Saturday or early Sunday.
Birchy and his family are currently staying at the Ocean Grove caravan park so I'm really looking forward to catching up with them when I get there.

Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy picked up the keys and went and had their first look at the house today, and they liked it. He has his school uniform so is all set to start at his new school on Monday.

Alex is asleep and snoring gently in a swag on Chris' loungeroom floor. As the senior and better looking 
guest I get a real bed! I'll be heading there shortly.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

D-Day Tomorrow

The house is empty.

Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy flew to Victoria last night.

Noel and Steph have painted and cleaned most of the house while Alex and I have sorted out, tidied up and disposed of loads of stuff.

All going well we will head off tomorrow and hope to be in Geelong by the weekend. I have got several little jobs still to do tomorrow but hopefully we'll get away by lunchtime.

It's been busy, intense and at times stressful but we are nearly there and I'm very pleased with how it's all gone.

Last night we had dinner together as a family for the last time for the forseeable future. We went to Savinis in Mt Lawley and were wonderfully treated by Dino the host and his family and staff.

After dinner we had the pleasure of meeting The Heir's girlfriend Alyssa for coffee.

It was a very late night. Mrs HP and Sport Boy were due to depart at 12.20 but the flight was delayed for over two hours. We had left the airport about 11.45, picked up Alex, dropped off Spike and got back to Busso about 3am.
I had to ring through to Vic at 5am to let Fran and Bruce know the flight was late and would you believe at 4.30 my phone rang but it was a wrong number! A wrong number at 4.30 in the morning!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Not Quite There But Pretty Close

The movers arrive in just over 8 hours.
I hope they're not put off by mess and unfinished business!
There's a small residue of packing to go but nothing too serious.
We woke up this morning to find the tyres slashed on my car, Mrs Holt Press' car and my Mum's car!
Mindless wanton vanadalism, probably alcohol induced, designed purely to inflict pain and difficulty on others!
My art sale was quiet. The auction was a complete fizzer! But I did manage to sell a few pieces to some friends from church, and to give a couple away. We now have the problem of what to do with and where to store about 70 paintings and drawings! Let me know if you'd like some! Going very cheap to good homes!

Well it's been over 24 hours since Collingwood won the premiership and to my surprise, the world hasn't come to an end.

Better go to bed, got a very big day tomorrow and several more big days to follow.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


It's been a dark day!

Collingwood won the Grand Final!

We sure picked a great time to move back to Victoria!

Gazza's gone.

Bomber's nearly gone.

And Collingwood are premiers!

I'm almost reconsidering our decision!

You know how sometimes you get a song stuck in your head and find yourself singing it over and over?
That happened to me today.
Imagine my horror at not being able to get the words 
"Oh the premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood" out of my head!!!!!

The house remains awash with boxes and belongings. Despite the discard pile being sizable, the pack-to-take pile seems to be winning! The movers arrive first thing Monday morning so we've got about 36 hours to get it all done and be ready!

Of course, that would be easier if I didn't have an Art Sale and Auction happening this weekend! And about three ute-loads of stuff to take to the tip! Which is only open on weekends!

Thankfully Mum has come over for the weekend to give us a hand and Peta was here this morning helping Mrs Holt Press. Where would we be without family and friends?


Friday, October 01, 2010

One Pack Mind

Packing packing packing packing packing throwing out packing packing packing cleaning, packing packing etc etc etc