Saturday, October 09, 2010

Esperance to Wudinna

We've stayed the night at Vicki and Rex's place at Wudinna, "night" being a loose term to describe the hours between 5.40am and 1.30pm. We would have been here a little earlier if Al had noticed Wudinna when he drove through it and hadn't waited until Kyancutta to wake me up ask me if we were there yet! 30km and half an hour of back tracking later and we were here. We've had a few hours sleep, a shower and a quick catch-up with Vicki and are now about to head off for Adelaide.

We will probably stay there for the night and make the final leg of the journey to Geelong tomorrow.
A little longer than originally planned but a safer gentler trip.


Paul F said...

G'day-I read a bit of the blog to ensure you are still in overdrive. Between footy, friends, moving, I continue to be impressed with your energy.
All is well in sunny San Diego. Biggest news is that Vic had a hip replaced (with another hip thank God). She is recooperating and hopes to be back to 100% before Christmas. I have had to wait on her, and now I know how she has felt for the last 27 years!
Please email me your phone number so I may call you and catch up...hard to believe it has been almost 1 yr since our journey to the South Island. I think of you often and so happy you have moved closer.
Your eternal friend, Paul

Marcus said...

G'day Mate
Was just thinking about you yesterday. We aren't connected to the net yet, should be done by Friday.
Home No. is 03 5255 4834

Look forward to catching up.