Sunday, October 17, 2010

Since I last blogged...

*We arrived in Geelong on Sunday night, the trip went well, 3700km in all.

*Spent a day recovering before starting work at Benders Buses on Tuesday.

*Sport Boy started school on Monday.

*Alex stayed with us for a couple of days before flying home to Perth on Wednesday.

*Got crook at work on Thursday arvo and had to come home, throwing up twice before I got there.

*Friday the movers delivered the bulk of our furniture, Unfortunately the balance of the load was still in Perth!! Just a few items missing like our bed! The plasma TV. Microwave oven. Dining table. Sofa!!!!
It is now on its way too and theoretically should be here by Thursday or Friday!

*Unpacked and sorted out our stuff and moved in to 13 Mermaid Ave and slept there for the first time on Friday night.

*Saturday, Sport Boy went to the Geelong show with a new friend from school, Dylan and had a great time.

*Sunday (today) went to church at The Wave, just around the corner, and liked it. Now in Queenscliff having had fish and chips for lunch. Browsing around the shops, a very pretty little seaside tourist town where everything is open! Its all Busselton could and should be but isn't!!

*Using the internet at the tourist centre to blog!

*Heading home to watch the Australian Moto GP at Philip Island: Next year we'll take the ferry across and go to it live! Sport Boy and I that is!

*It is colder here. It snowed at Dandenong and King Lake yesterday!! Mrs Holt Press is not enjoying the cold! We had the fire lit yesterday which made a big difference.

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Peter said...

Sounds like the good and bad are just about leveling things out!!!!!