Thursday, October 07, 2010

D-Day Tomorrow

The house is empty.

Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy flew to Victoria last night.

Noel and Steph have painted and cleaned most of the house while Alex and I have sorted out, tidied up and disposed of loads of stuff.

All going well we will head off tomorrow and hope to be in Geelong by the weekend. I have got several little jobs still to do tomorrow but hopefully we'll get away by lunchtime.

It's been busy, intense and at times stressful but we are nearly there and I'm very pleased with how it's all gone.

Last night we had dinner together as a family for the last time for the forseeable future. We went to Savinis in Mt Lawley and were wonderfully treated by Dino the host and his family and staff.

After dinner we had the pleasure of meeting The Heir's girlfriend Alyssa for coffee.

It was a very late night. Mrs HP and Sport Boy were due to depart at 12.20 but the flight was delayed for over two hours. We had left the airport about 11.45, picked up Alex, dropped off Spike and got back to Busso about 3am.
I had to ring through to Vic at 5am to let Fran and Bruce know the flight was late and would you believe at 4.30 my phone rang but it was a wrong number! A wrong number at 4.30 in the morning!

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