Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pop Drops In

We had a special guest for the weekend. Pop came down from Victoria for the funeral of one of his life-long friends, Anne Grimshaw, at Cobram. After the funeral he drove down to spend a couple of days with us at Ocean Grove. 

Sport Boy enjoyed seeing his Grampa.

 Farewell from a cold and windy spot near Kardinia Park. Pop flew back to Brisbane tonight.

Sport Boy pole "dancing"!


The other highlight of the weekend was buying a new (second hand) car. I needed a car to get to work so that Mrs Holt Press could have hers back to get around in. It's a 2001 Falcon Futura AUII station wagon which runs on gas (dual fuel) and has only done 90,000km. It wasn't the sort of car I thought I'd buy but it's in such good condition and with low km and running on gas  it was almost too good to pass up.

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