Monday, May 07, 2007


It's been a very good day.
Not only did I manage to get up in time to go to church this morning, I actually got all three of the kids there too!

After church we cruised a garage sale where I bought 4 trays of tools and odds and ends, with a view to using them in some artworks, for a bargain $20, including a big bench vice, something I've wanted for a long time and never gotten around to buying.

Then we went into town and had lunch at The Vasse Cafe, sharing gourmet pizza and wedges, followed by fancy ice cream at home for dessert. All day there were lots of laughs, the kids telling jokes, mucking around and playing together. I asked them if they were missing Mum and if so why. Favourite Daughter said she missed having her to talk to. Jordan missed the home baked cookies and treats after school and Sport Boy said he just missed having her home. He was a little sad.

After lunch Jordy went to see the new Spiderman movie and Sport Boy and I went round to Dave's to watch the footy. I tried to get him to talk me out of it seeing as every time I go round to watch either Geelong or Spurs they lose! Thankfully he lacked the necessary powers of persuasion because the Cats had a day out, in fact they kicked the 8th highest score in VFL/AFL history to beat Richmond by 153 points! Of course, the shellacking needs to be looked at in perspective, Richmond were 0-5 for the season already. The real test comes next week when Geelong play West Coast who are unbeaten and sitting on top of the ladder after 6 rounds.
During the breaks Sport Boy and I played with Dave's wonderful race car track!

As I said, a very good day.
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2Peter said...

Hi Marcus,

The rabbits foot received in the mail was a great surprise! I could use a bit of good luck right now. Thanks!

Of course I want West Coast to win, but there is a small bit of me hoping the other three rabbits feet you sent to Geelong footy club will help.

Marcus said...

I thought we had an understanding 2Pete, a brotherhood of silence!

Zaac said...

rabbits feet?! i knew that rabbit was in trouble! that's it, im reporting you to the rspca!