Friday, May 04, 2007


The rabbit is fine.
It could do with dropping a few pounds.
No need to send the maori round to check on it, none at all, shouldn't waste his time.
Next thing the welfare will be snooping around asking questions about the kids.
They're all fine I tell you.

A few highlights of the day and this evening's program:

1.00 Meet with 160 kids to give latest update on Country Week.

1.30 Count $600 of raffle money. Consult registrar about discrepancies on monthly statements of my school accounts, items on wrong accounts etc. couple of victories if approved.

2.30 Consult Principal then write urgent memo to Heads of Departments seeking support for incursion in two weeks time, hope I'm not too late and that it gets the thumbs up.

3.00 Pick Jordan up from work experience. He insists he needs a shower. (I agree.)
Drop him at Cornerstone to take bus to Margaret River.

Too late, he missed it! The price of cleanliness!
Good news, there's a second bus which agrees to take him.

3.30 Back to the office to get my stuff and reply to a few emails.

3.45 Coach Sport Boy's soccer team at training. Worked on our game plan for goal kicks and corner kicks. Discover that Ben can hit a mean corner, shame he normally plays goalkeeper.
Georgia devises 15 different ways to avoid training. Have almost convinced her I deserve an invitation to her upcoming birthday party. At the very least I'm expecting a bag of lollies out of the deal. Sport Boy practises his falling over. Send kids home, Sport Boy rides bike home.

4.45 Realise I haven't planned anything for dinner! To the supermarket to buy food, steak, sausages, lamb chops, veges, tomato sauce.

5.30 Start cooking, peel spuds, carrots, onions. Cut open packet of frozen peas and corn. As suspected, BBQ gas bottle is empty, cook inside in two fry pans. Sport Boy watches replay of AC Milan knocking Manchester United out of the Champions League.

6.10 Get ready for volleyball, still can't find second knee pad.

6.15 Delegate finishing dinner to favourite daughter while I print umpiring roster for VB.

6.30 First game of volleyball, V Bears, the high school boys who choke on set point in the first, we go on to win 3-0. My serve gets progressively worse as the night goes on until I'm forced to revert to underarm serves just to get it in!

7.30 Second game of volleyball in a double header, V Woobla, our old nemesis. They beat us 2-0 the third was drawn 26-26.

8.30 Umpire B Grade game, struggle to concentrate.

9.30 Head off to Margaret River to pick up Jordy from rehearsals. Decide to get a Vanilla Diet Coke before setting off. Head for the 24 Hour. Succumb to temptation and buy piece of chicken schnitzel too. Not bad, way better than the last one I had. Intermittent rain enroute.

10.15 Pick up actor son from fellow cast member's place where he has been fed and made welcome.
Head back to Busselton, listening to The Challenge on Tony Delroy's Nightlife on ABC.

Question: What order of priests was founded by Ignatius DeLoyola in 1572?
Me: The Jesuits
Who defeated Ken Norton to win the World Heavyweight boxing title after Muhammad Ali retired in 1979?
Me. Not certain but think it was Larry Holmes.

Got most of them right but didn't know that The St Leger is run at Doncaster race track. I do now.

Jordan asks how come I know so much, "It's just insane how much you know"!! Thanks! I'll take that as a compliment.

10.55 Arrive home. We both sit in the car in the carport to hear the final question.

Favourite daughter has friends, Claire and Jeremy round, watching TV and playing guitar.
I watch The Amazing Race while they head for the kitchen to make fairy glitter cup cakes.

1.00 Remember that Phil rang while I was driving home, Jordan answered. Told him I'd ring back when I got home!! Have to ring him in the morning. He's just back from Afghanistan, will be good to hear how it went.

Tomorrow is not so busy, just a birthday party for Sport Boy and driving the taxi. He wants to wear my curly black Matthew Scarlett wig and glasses cause there's a disco theme. Hope I can find it at the office.


Zaac said...

notice the lack of photographic evidence and the defensive/guilty tone of his argument.. favourite daughter is daylight robbery of grampa and aunty vicki btw, not saying i dont like it, just that its blatant plagerism!

Anonymous said...

hehehe yes in fact I did notice that. . . . especially worried also after the rabbit stew comment!! We need some third party evidence . . . perhaps a few lines from one child stating theirs and the rabbits well being???
Cara :P

Peter said...

Pretty neat having a favourite daughter isn't it.
The mob can relax about the rabbit, they're buggers to butcher and cook so it's quite safe.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all is going well.
Your dad should know about rabbits, the night alan was born we were out shooting and he stopped to clean and skin them before we went to the hospital.

blogger wont accept my password so am going to try to post through anonymous, here goes, thebearlady

Marcus said...

I was going to acknowledge the source of "Favourite Daughter" but couldn't think of a neat way to phrase it. Did you mean plagiarism Zac?
Remember, "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery".

Lyn said...

Is it fair to say I have 2 favourite daughters...will this keep me out of trouble!!??

Zaac said...

proof of life, we want a youtube statement from the rabbit and the boys to show they are alive and are acting of their own free will!