Wednesday, May 16, 2007


That comet-like streak on the right is the tip of the syringe.

I know that my readers are an educated demographic and probably don't require any explanation of the scans posted here, but just in case some surfers have stumbled across Holt Press and are scratching their heads, let me explain what you are looking at.

These of course are MRI scans of my left ankle in which you can see the inflamed nature of the sub-talar joint. The theory proposed by the various physicians I have consulted is that this inflammation is the cause of my pain and immobility and that a dose of cortizone may provide relief and subsidence.

In order to ensure said steroid reaches the correct anatomical location three things had to happen:

1. A needle had to be inserted deep into my ankle joint.

2. MRI scans had to be taken during the procedure to ensure the needle was going into the right place, at the right depth.

3. I had to be very very still!

Of the three, the third was the most difficult!

A local anaesthetic was administered first, praise God, and then the needle was pushed further and further into my ankle joint. This was a VERY uncomfortable and disconcerting feeling.
Close examination of the scans will reveal the needle point penetrating my ankle.
The doctors were satisfied that they got it in the right spot, then administered the dose of cortizone.

I'm not sure how effective it has been or will be, it's still being monitored.

I know that the pain was not contained to the surgery!
After the treatment I was asked to pay the bill of $580!!
Probably a fair price on the open market but not one that I had been told about beforehand or prepared for!!

Thank God for Medicare, Australia's excellent public health insurance scheme, which will pay about 80% of the bill!

It's appropriate while we are on the subject of things medical to report that I am under-going another medical/surgical procedure tomorrow afternoon, of a somewhat more intimate and delicate nature.
Tomorrow is V Day.
Yes, after years of delay and avoidance, tomorrow is the big day when I am to be separated from my reproductive capacity! (I'd say sperm but most of my children read this blog)
Come to think of it, the fact that I've got so many blog-reading children is the primary reason for having this procedure.
At approximately 2.00pm the Dr will make the critical incision and do the deed!
I'm not looking forward to the procedure but understand that the side-effects can be quite good.

There is much division of opinion amongst my mates as to the virtues of vasectomys or otherwise, with Birchy, aka The Full Quiver, being the chief opponent, and Letchy and Cam the evangelical advocates.
There have been a couple of false starts on this particular adventure, several years apart, but the time has come and Carolyn is very happy about it.

In the interests of good reporting and honest blogging I need to hear from you, my faithful readers, whether you want a blow-by-blow description, pictures, graphics, maybe a YouTube expose, or just a discreet mention of the pertinent facts and acknowledgement of the successful completion of the mission?


Zaac said...

i think i speak for all your children, who USED to read your blog, when i say if you ever hand to us anymore knowledge anywhere near as undesirable and sickening as that i may well force feed you an unopened tin of sardines.

Peter said...

Or none of the above!!!!!!!!!!

2Peter said...

This whole blog entry has left me feeling a bit squeemish. Big needles and incisions in critical areas - I feel faint!

That said, I've had no less than three mates who've all had vasectomies and gone on to live happy and productive (sic) lives. No regrets!

Anonymous said...

Nicole wants to know if Carolyn will be watching the procedure.Nicole watched mine and says after having many children it is recommended viewing.
Marcus, some blokey advice that I picked up from Tim the Toolman Taylor.Focus on two words "anytime, anywhere"
Dave B.S.H.S.

Full Quiver said...

other words to focus on
No zip in your do-dar
fishing with no bait
limp bizcuit
huge bruising
pain and shaving
spontaneous combustion
just to mention a few!