Saturday, May 05, 2007


In 6 hours and 20 minutes Sport Boy's soccer game kicks off at Dunsborough. Between now and then I need to sleep, get up, shower, eat and drive him and Jack to Dunsborough, then select and coach the team.

The fun doesn't end there, I'm spending the afternoon as a volunteer for the Half Ironman Triathlon. They've been desperately short of volunteers this week so I put my hand up again.

I had a pretty good shift in the taxi tonight, driving the maxi which is always interesting!
Sport Boy went to Emily's Disco Birthday party resplendant in wig, sunglasses an
d fake gold chain, he had quite a bounce in his step as he walked around the house until it was time to go. Pictures to follow.

The rabbit was feasting on fresh lettuce and carrot when I left, and neither it nor the children were showing any signs of under-nourishment or mis-treatment, not the ones that I could find anyway.

Unsolicited testimonial:

Haven't heard from Carolyn in a couple of days, presume all is going well on the other side of the country. Let's face it, why wouldn't it be!!

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