Tuesday, May 01, 2007


1 down, 11 to go and all is well in this motherless/wifeless household.

Carolyn left us a casserole she'd cooked so dinner was easy which was just as well cause there was a MOUNTAIN of junk mail to fold tonight! I did it while watching the expose of the dirty dealings of Brian Burke and co. and their influence on the Busselton council on 4 Corners. I finished the folding by the time Footy Classified came on, then spent an hour or more working on a painting.
Today was a mild start, tomorrow will be busier.

The Heir rang tonight for a chat and worked his way through the family, except for Sport Boy who was already in bed. He's bought a Mac laptop which is apparently going to be delivered here some time soon. A new toy to play with! Alright! He and Sophie discussed travel plans, she's going great guns with her saving.

For those who are interested, I remembered to feed the rabbit tonight!


Zaac said...

shall we start a pool on the rabbit being alive by the time mum gets home? i give it good odds for being a malnourished, half starved little scamp inside a week!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe must have read my mind I was just thinking we should start the same thing . . . is this the only animal that we can bet on??

Zaac said...

well, we could bet on the boys too, there's some history of forgetting sons at soccer training that is not out of the question for repitition, tho i'd be seriously impressed if he managed to leave pauly at soccer training when he's the coach!

re: the photos in the post above: true story! some of the girls i know are absurd at this, first they refuse outright to have their picture taken, THEN they get hold of the camera and go crazy taking photos of everyone else! hypocrisy is the cry of the people!