Monday, April 30, 2007

Perth and Back

It's been a big day. After the late finish courtesy of the cab and the cricket I slept in as late as I could, then made the mistake of listening to the football. Geelong lost again. They're not going to make the finals. Mark Thompson will be sacked. The season is headed for more disappointment. Woe is me! Why was I born a Geelong fan?

Carolyn packed her clothes and I packed the kids in the car and we set off for Perth, in intermittent heavy rain. I don't know if the drought has broken but there has been plenty of rain in the last couple of days and it's extremely welcome, even if it makes driving a little more hazardous.

No time to stop for food so Sport Boy wasn't happy but I did grab some fries when I stopped for a toilet break at the start of the freeway. First stop in the city was "Off My Tree" a shop selling dubious items, so that Jordan could buy a very expensive belt! The cost of fashion!
Next stop, the Art Gallery to see the Young Perspectives Exhibition, featuring work from year 12 students from WA High Schools. It was FANTASTIC! So much brilliant artwork. Even Jordan found a few things he liked. I particularly liked a couple of big bold brightly coloured portraits, and a brilliant rendition of the London Tube map describing the life of a student at Melville SHS. Hard to describe, better to have a look yourself. Click here then open the interactive site to scan through all the pieces in the exhibition.

Much to Sport Boy's relief we then went over to Vic Park to get some dinner, a Jesters pie for him and Noodle Box for the rest of us. Seeing as we were in the neighbourhood we dropped in on the Brauns. Andy is away in Tassie but Rose and two of the girls were home so we had a quick visit and ate dinner there before heading over to Cam and Louise's place in Belmont to drop Carolyn off. Cam's Mum Anne was there too, first time we've seen here since we went and visited her at Albany nearly two years ago so it was lovely to catch up with all the Teros.

Goodbyes said, the boys and I headed for home. Sport Boy slept most of the way while Jordy and I talked about jobs and careers and youthwork and uni and music and lots of stuff. It was a good trip and he seemed to enjoy the opportunity to chat. There were plenty of laughs and stories on both legs of the journey, particularly when he regaled us with impersonations of Dr Tran clips from You Tube. Typically dumb adolescent humour, made much funnier by his accents and enthusiasm.
As we were driving to Belmont I asked him to get the street directory from under my seat and with much groaning and huffing and effort he finally managed to retrieve it, and said "I farted three times trying to get this."
A classic example of "Too much information!"

Carolyn leaves for Adelaide in the morning.
She'll be away until the 10th.
Will we survive?


jayne said...

at least spurs won at the weekend - although it was a close one again! i swear i might have heart failure before the end of the season! we HAVE to make 7th place or above to get into Europe next season....PLEASE - we must do it!!!

2Peter said...

Will you survive? All that extra testosterone will either make it better or worse!

It might just be perception, but high school student art I've seen seems to be of a *much* higher standard than when I was their age.

Did you hear how the Eagles went? ;-)

Marcus said...

Hi Jayne, because I was driving the cab on Sat. night I didn't follow Spurs game on the net as I usually do so it was a stress free experience to just check the score and see they'd won when I got home.
I've been trying to get Zac to a Tottenham game before he leaves England but time is running out with only three games left.

Hi 2Peter
You've become on of my most faithful readers, thanks for hanging in there, and for your encouraging messages, I appreciate them. I'm contemplating delaying the start of the testosterone treatment while Carolyn is away but the anti-inflammatories seem to be helping already.
Re. kid's art, I agree, it's amazing. I didn't do art at school so don't have my own point of reference, but from what I see now I'm very impressed. I feel very glad to have discovered art personally in the last year. It seems now that everywhere I look I see "art" or potential art, materials that could be used for art, designs, colours, textures. It's as if I'm wearing art-coloured glasses. I just wish I had a fraction of the talent of some of the kids in the Yr 12 exhibition!

Zaac said...

if you don't survive, can i have your car? how are rose and the girls? havent seen them for AGES, havent seen you for AGES!
o, and uhhh, if you get a call about a laptop, or someone delivers one to the house, it's for me and could you please mail it to me in the uk =D

2Peter said...

Awww... Thanks Marcus!

I know what you mean by "everywhere I look I see art", I'm always trying to grab the camera that invariably isn't there. The world is my photograph!

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