Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blogging from Bridgetown

We decided to avoid risking the kangaroos and the Easter Traffic last night and delayed our trip to Bridgetown until today. 14 people have already been killed on Australian roads since Easter started. Something strange happens when people drive at Easter, every year a huge number of people are killed on the road so we took the safer option today.

It's always fun and relaxing at Mum and Walter's place. We went to a garage sale at a house belonging to an artist which had a wonderful garden, featuring a walkway and deck nestled amongst dense shady trees and shrubs and bushes. She had several paintings for sale which had me interested. Sadly, while we were there a gust of wind blew one canvas over and it landed on the corner of a table causing it to tear!! She managed to contain her disappointment pretty well but I could feel her pain.

Carolyn and I went down the street to look around the shops in the main street and I bought her a jacket which she loved! This was on top of a bracelet I'd bought for her at another place! As the lady said when I paid for it, "Just think of all the brownie points you've earnt"!!
Absolutely right!!

I tuned in to the football on the web to hear the broadcast of the Geelong game and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Cats chalk up their biggest ever score and highest winning margin against Carlton. Winning was good but the icing on the cake was the wager I'd had with Stu the Garden Blogger about the game which guarantees me a Vanilla Diet Coke and an Easter Egg as my prize.

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