Thursday, April 05, 2007


I had my first appointment with a counsellor this afternoon which is a significant step for me and hopefully will be a part of my contnued recovery from the "depression" I experienced a few weeks ago. I have a good friend who swears by counselling as a really helpful thing in sorting out and dealing with stuff. I haven't been that enthused about it prior to now but this time I'm approaching it with an open mind and a willing attitude. The irony is that "counselling" is part of my job, albeit not a major part, but I have resisted trying it for myself! Having said that, I have seen counsellors in the past and not been impressed or "helped" which tended to innoculate me against the whole thing a bit. The first session went well I thought and I have some home work, some stuff to reflect on about disappointment and vulnerability.

The kids have broken up for the holidays. I've got one more day to go but as it's a student free day with the teachers doing professional development it will be a quiet one for me. I'm driving the taxi tomorrow night rather than on Good Friday which looks like being a quiet night with most places closed. We're going over to Bridgetown for Easter with Mum and Walter although with Sophie and Jordan both working only Sport Boy will be coming with us.

I wonder how many people will look past the eggs and chocolate and think about Jesus and the cross and the empty tomb this Easter?


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus,

I think you're a top bloke mate. Even as you're coming to terms with your own "demons" you're still thinking of others and what Easter has in store for them. It's a great quality - though for those of us in ministry it can also be a cross to bear. I find it hard sometimes to stop thinking about others and start thinking about myself. I don't mean that to sound heroic - it's more a pathology!! But self-care is central to longevity and productivity. So I hope, and pray, that you will have an awesome and guilt free Easter break with your family. You deserve it.

2Peter said...

I think seeing a counsellor is like "buying" anything else. What suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another. If at first you don't succeed, shop around for another one!

I know what you mean about people thinking of the true message of Easter. I think one nice side effect if they don't, at least most people spend some quality family time during the break. Counts for something I guess!

Good luck with the counselling and all the best for Easter.