Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to make a window

A simple step by step guide to making an aluminium framed window as demonstrated by your local tool guy.

1. Measure the glass, remembering to calculate the size 2mm shorter than you actually need due to the thikness of the glass cutting tool.

2. Position set square and hold firmly in place but not so firmly as to snap the glass, and don't let it move while you're cutting or the piece of glass will be useless for the window you're making but good as a demo model of what not to do.

3. Placing thumbs and forefingers either side of the score-mark lift the glass and snap with an upwards pressure. This is very cool fun and everyone should do it once in their lifetime.

4. Roll out rubber edging and slide onto edge of glass all the way round, being careful not to carelessly slide fingers or knuckles along the glass as this usually results in blood flowing.

5. Slide fur lining strips into the pre-set grooves on the frame, using the start a small section then pull through fast method as demonstrated by Dave, much more effective than the push and prod method favoured by the inexperienced amateur.

6. Position the frame sections onto the glass using a wooden mallet to persuade them into the correct position, don't worry, you can belt it pretty hard, it won't break, but try and get it centred or the next step will be problematic.

7. With all four sides of the frame caressed into place with afore-mentioned wooden mallet, dip screw in vaseline and using electric drill screwdriver, secure frame together at each corner, paying careful attention to whether the screww goes into the right groove on the frame. Failure to do this can result in severe munting of the frame.

8. Hammer plastic mouldings and wheels into place to enable sliding window to slide.

9. Place completed window on stack with other windows and start again from instruction number 1.
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Phils Phun said...

G'day Marcus
Good to see you hard at work
Phil Cordery

Marcus said...

G'day Phil
Dad forwarded your email on to me, that was a spinout!

Nice to hear from you.