Sunday, April 29, 2007


It's been a busy day, starting with Sport Boy's soccer game this morning, a 15-0 victory in an obviously one-sided game. Although the other team were'nt very good, our kids did play exceptionally well, stringing together many passing movements and finishing well. Sport Boy scored 5 goals and was pretty happy afterwards! There'll be much tougher games to come!

I was on roster at the gallery this arvo which was extremely quiet, no sales all day, but I did get to work on a couple of paintings while I listened to the footy.

Tonight I drove the taxi, in fact I've just finished my shift. It was fairly quiet but a hail fare on the highway turned into a jackpot when the three young men asked me to take them to Bunbury! The total fare came to $106! Sadly their intentions in Bunbury were not very honourable!

I was pretty tired and a bit concerned about staying awake on the long trip (50km each way) so I stopped for my second Vanilla Diet Coke of the night and listened to the cricket with the windows down. Adam Gilchrist was superb, hitting 149 runs to help set up what should be a match-winning score in the World Cup Final.

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