Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter in Bridgetown

We're home from Easter in Bridgetown but we left Sport Boy behind so he could stay a few more days with his grandparents. He loves it there and they love having him around. He and Nan spent most of the day playing a word game together on the computer, they enjoyed it so much they bought it!
We had our traditional game of squash-soccer at the Boat Park with Uncle Alan yesterday.
I stayed up all night to watch the US Masters in the hope that Stuart Appleby would break Australia's duck there but it didn't happen!
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2Peter said...

I seem to have been a few days behind with my comments recently!

I used to work for CALM in Manjimup and lived in Bridgetown for a couple of years (last house on the right at the top of Steere St). I travelled around a bit with CALM, and Bridgetown was easily the friendliest town I had to integrate into. It was also the coldest!!