Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crossed Paths

Blast from the past. I was at Bunnings this afternoon and brought home something unexpected, which come to think of it is usually what happens when I go to Bunnings, but in this case it was truly different. I bumped into our old friends John and Tracey Cross, who we haven't seen for probably about 15 years! We used to go to a Marriage Study group together, along with 2 other couples, Rick and Andrea, and Dave and Mandy. This was before Carolyn and I even got married. The group was so good that we continued it on as a Bible study group for a few more years, combining it with a game of squash beforehand! That's different! They moved to Bunbury years ago but we lost touch, they didn't know we'd moved to Busselton so it was a big surprise when they spotted me in the hardware store. We swapped addresses and they came round for a coffee and to see Carolyn who was thrilled to see them. We spent an hour catching up on one another's news, updates on the kids etc. They have 4 kids too, all about 1 year older than ours in the stagger.
It was great to see them, hopefully we can stay in touch.
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Peter said...

That's a happy snap Marcus, everyone looks really happy.