Friday, April 06, 2007

The Holidays Have Begun

The Holidays have begun, starting with Easter this weekend, then the two week term break. One of the best things about working in a school is the regular cycle of work and "holidays". I am still at work during the three term breaks but obviously with the schools closed, the nature of my duties changes significantly and there is plenty of scope to use my time creatively.
We're going to Bridgetown tomorrow for a few days.
Then I'm working for a mate in his glass factory helping makes frames and windows for a few days to help him out of a bind, he's got plebty of work but not enough workers so I offered to give him a hand.
I've got 4 doctor's appointments in Bunbury for a series of cortizone treatments on my still injured left ankle. I really hope it can improve enough to allow me to play volleyball again in a few weeks time.
At the end of the second week there's a three day chaplains retreat at Fairbridge. I'm rooming with Birchy and Cam and I think we're all looking forward to hanging out, and playing plenty of sport in between teaching sessions and prayer times.
And just in case there is a moment of spare time in the next fortnight, Sophie and I are going to paint her bedroom.
Throw in a couple of taxi shifts and by the time school restarts I'll be looking forward to going back to work so I can have a break!!!
Keeping busy and having plenty to do suits me fine, I get bored and fall asleep if I haven't got a task or a job to work on!

The taxi shift went well tonight, I drove one of the maxis and was kept pretty busy with a constant stream of customers. I pulled the cab over and warned one bloke that he'd be walking if he didn't quieten down and discontinue the swearing and obscenities. Drunkenness is no excuse for the sort of filth he was spewing out. The cab was full of girls for whom he had no regard nor respect. He did quieten down significantly, with on-going reprimands from the rest of the group. A couple of the girls thanked me when they got out for my having said something to him about his behaviour.
Apart from that the customers were well behaved and a pleasure to drive.

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