Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday the 13th

I made windows and doors all day, although it would be fair to say I made a mess for part of it. Some of the aluminium frames I've been assembling had been cut to the wrong length. Dave showed me a punch/press designed to cut the ends of the frame struts and sashes. It's a clever but cumbersome piece of machinery which I had a lot of trouble manipulating, especially when it bent pieces of the metal it shouldn't have during the cutting process, rendering them jammed in the press! Much effort was required to extract them. Much time was lost in the process. Dave decided to ring the supplier and get them to replace the pieces they'd messed up. Good idea.
I turned my attention to assembling doors! Hmmm! Not as easy as I hoped, or as easy as Dave suggested it was! Much trial and error with the first one, some improvement with the second and gradual streamlining of the process with the third and subsequent doors. By knock-off time I was not unhappy to have seen the last of glass and metal for a few days.

Home for a couple of hour's interlude, then off to work in the cab for the usual Friday night shift. It went well, I made a good amount of money, and I only felt like punching one passenger! (There were two or three others whose mouths I wanted to wash out with soap!)
This one bloke got right under my skin and then started abusing me. When he threatened to punch me in the head I thought, "Two can play that game and I reckon my sober effort would be more convincing than your drunken one!!" I resisted the urge, telling him to shut up instead, and drove off, fuming inside! He was not a pleasant young man and he did not provoke a good response from me! Thankfully nothing worse eventuated and the rest of the night went peacefully enough.

I'm very tired. I wonder why?
I'm looking forward to bed and really hoping I can sleep in for a decent length of time.

Sport Boy comes home tomorrow. Sophie will be especially pleased, she really misses him.

I've invited Birchy to come and watch the footy tomorrow night, with the family, for a BBQ, or without, for just a blokey night of footy! Either way will be good, although if they come for a barbie I'll have some major cleaning up to do on the patio!!

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