Thursday, April 12, 2007

Long Day

I've just finished a 7 hour shift in the taxi, which followed an 8 hour day working for Dave at the glass factory! I've done 2 days for Dave so far, helping him out with a staff shortage. He's got lots of work and no workers so I offered to give him a hand, he has contemplated closing the business down because of the difficulty in finding employees so I figured I could lend him a hand for a few days. I've been assembling windows. More work with my hands! I know! Hard to believe!
The frames are all cut and ready, I just have to measure and cut the glass, then put them together. I'm getting the hang of it and I think I finished about 10-12 today. Cutting the glass is fun although handling the big sheets is tricky and a little nerve wracking. Hopefully I'll get as far as assembling some doors tomorrow, with toughened glass, for showers and bathrooms.

I don't normally drive a cab on Wednesday nights but Gavin rang yesterday and asked if I could fill in. The money is handy so I said yes. It was a steady but quiet shift. The real drama happened outside the pub while we were waiting for fares. Two big fat drunks had a punch up in the middle of the road. It was pretty nasty and a mob of blokes got involved, mostlry trying to pull them apart and stop it but at one stage I thought an all-in-brawl was about to erupt so I called 000 to alert the cops. Next time I drove past the pub it had quietened down, not sure if the police made it or not.

Final piece of good news for the night is that I've managed to get the DVD Dave did for me of the Geelong v Carlton game from the weekend to work, on the computer, so I'll be able to watch and enjoy the game. I'll invite Stu round to watch it too, he can deliver my Vanilla Diet Coke and Easter Egg at the same time!!

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