Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday Night

Another day at the glass factory making windows must have influenced me because when I got home I set about drilling several holes in the walls in order to hang paintings and photos around the house. We already have plenty of stuff on the walls but the stockpile of pictures has been building up so it was better to hang them than have them cluttering up the front room (and going unappreciated!!)
Jordy had rehearsals in MR tonight for his play. Sophie had the night off work cause she wasn't feeling well. Sport Boy is still away at Nan and Walter's.
The new season of The Amazing Race All Stars started tonight so Carolyn and I are happy.
It's not everyone's cup of tea I realise but one incident really made us laugh.
The New York team Kevin and Drew were driving to one of the destinations when one of them said, "Peru sure is a nice place" to which the other replied, "I'm sure Peru is nice, but we're in Ecuador".

I'm getting up early in the morning to watch Tottenham play Sevilla in the UEFA Cup quarter-final 2nd leg. Come on you Spurs.

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