Monday, April 16, 2007


A lady at church this morning talked about the battle she and her husband are in. He has cancer. He had a brain tumour. He's had about 15 lots of chemotherapy. He wasn't expected to live beyond 2006. The good news is that to the Doctor's utter astonishment, the tumour is gone.
The bad news is, another has appeared, bigger and in a worse place, completely inoperable.
She asked us to pray for them, likening it to a boxing match and the start of another round. I've known about their situation but today it really hit home to me in a much stronger way.
I am guilty of getting inordinately upset over things that ultimately matter very little.
It is sobering and provocative to contemplate other people's situations and realise the struggles they face are to do with survival; life and death.

In light of that, the result of a football game seems unimportant.

Having said that, I am pleased the Cats had another win this arvo, beating Melbourne by 52 points. The season is looking a little more promising.

I spent the afternoon on roster at the gallery, painting and listening to the football. It finally started to rain in Busselton today but surprisingly that didn't deter people visiting the gallery, in fact it seemed to lead to an increase in numbers!

Tonight I went over to Dave's place to watch the soccer from England on Foxtel, Tottenham drew 3-3 with Wigan afeter going behind three times! Could have been better, could have been worse!

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Zaac said...

the prayer nite was for church, and the others were my own choice, had nothing to do with fusion. i got a djambe from gambia!!! so happy, its so cool!!!
are you around some time this week? i havent called home in ages...