Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday Wrap

I had another blood test this morning to double check my testosterone levels. If they're confirmed low by the 2nd test I'll get a prescription for testosterone tablets, and see what happens. As Letchy said to me on the phone tonight, Ian Thorpe could do with a little of my condition! I really hope he is clean. I hate the thought of his gold medals being tarnished. I so much want to believe that Australian sportsmen and women don't use performance enhancing drugs. I know it's naive to expect them all to be clean but a national hero like Thorpe being exposed as a cheat would be tragic.

I had my most productive day in ages, finally getting some jobs done and phone calls made for Country Week, stuff that I've been avaoiding or struggling with for a while, and I made some good progress too which was heartening.

After work I finished off the roof on the pergola, it didn't go completely smoothly but I got there in the end. Then I borrowed my neighbour Alan's trailer and went with Sophie to pick up a bed that Claire is giving her. When we got to the house the guy there asked "Is Claire moving out?" An awkward moment as two strangers appear on the doorstep to take away some of the furniture! Apparently Claire hasn't been there in about a month! Such good communication between housemates!

While Carolyn went out to her book club I spent the rest of the night painting; I finished two pictures that I started last night. They both look good but I'm a little frustrated because one of them doesn't fit in it's frame properly. Not sure what I'll do about that little problem, I'll probably have to make a new frame. Another excuse to use the new power tools! Alright!

Sophie discussed how we can paint and decorate her room. She's been waiting a fair while so I don't want to put it off any longer. With the holidays starting next week I'll be able to get stuck into the painting then. She asked me if I could do some really big canvases to go on the walls and told me which styles she likes from the stuff I've done. It's nice to have her so interested in domestic/family things.

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