Thursday, May 03, 2007


Disclaimer: There is no connection between the following events and the absence of a certain wife and mother.

While I was at Jordy's rehearsal last night Sport Boy rang to say he had a tummy ache. I suggested the usual remedies, go to the toilet, have a drink of Sal Vital, put the heat pack on it in bed, offer some support and care. Seemed to do the trick, he was sound asleep when I got home.

Fast forward to this morning. Sport Boy came into my bedroom saying he was exhausted and not feeling well. Parent decoder ring correctly deciphers this message as "I don't want to go to school".
I know just how you feel.
Just snuggle up in bed for a while and see how you feel a bit later.

An hour later.

"Dad, I think I'm OK."
"Do you want me to drive you?"
"No, I can ride my bike."
"Here's some money for lunch."

Fast forward to 2.00pm

Ring ring.
"Mr Holt, Sport Boy is sick, can you come and get him?"
"I'm on my way."

Collect sick and miserable child from school.
Administer food, cuddles, make suitably sympathetic noises.

"Dad, have you heard from Mum?"
"Do you miss her?"
Nods with sad look on his face.

A few hours later, after doses of food, television and big sister, Sport Boy is back to chirpy self, watching the Champions League soccer I recorded this morning. Right up until the last 2 minutes of extra time that is! When the recording stopped! Before the penalty shoot-out to decide the game! Oh well, The Heir had already posted a spoiler in my comments so I knew the result, just hadn't anticipated extra time and penalties.

Jordan came home from work experience with a "migraine". Not sure what the difference between that and a headache is, especially in Jordy's case. Sometimes he's a real mess, vomiting and the works. Today, an hour after taking some paracetamol he was fine. Good.
"Can you go and finish delivering the last of the junk mail then?"

I cleaned the gutters until it was time to take Sophie to work. She drove. She's getting better.

Came home, cooked dinner, spaghetti.
Surprised to learn that Sport Boy and his sister had already fed the rabbit unprompted!
For the sake of the comedians currently frequenting the comment gallery, the leftovers referred to last night were lettuce and carrot that the rabbit had left over, not "leftovers" from dinner! I would never waste good shepherds pie on the rabbit!!

Sophie also gave Jordy some coaching on the correct use of the washing machine. He needs his uniform for Red Rooster washed each day.

Cooperation and goodwill all round.

Going to bed before midnight. Need sleep.


Zaac said...

hadnt anticipated you'd be following that match. was v exciting, liverpool keeper made two or three amazing saves and then kuyt, who scored a goal that was disallowed for offside (that rule has been changed to be unbelievably tough now), scored the winning penalty for liverpool, was awesome!
re the rabbit, i have sent noel round to ascertain it's actual condition, so i will have the real story soon, there's no use in trying to decieve us!
and you never would have let me off school that early you softy!

Anonymous said...

Good I think you need to send him with a camera too . . . . seeing as though we are getting a mention I think we had better make sure we are getting the right story!!
Love the show of pics to prove the theory, I must say though that it doesn't just apply to teens/kids adults also do it as well . . . unless of course there is alchol involved!!

Peter said...

Ah, the joys of parenting Marcus.

2Peter said...

If you get stuck on ideas for tea, may I suggest rabbit stew?

Marcus said...

I like your thinking 2Pete, believe me, the thought has crossed my mind more than once!