Saturday, August 02, 2008

Good News X 2

Good news.

Sport Boy is home.

While he is still in pain and discomfort, he is also much better and brighter than he was yesterday and as a result the Dr. said he could come home.
The Heir visited him at the hospital this morning and that lifted his spirit significantly, and three of his mates from school, Ben Jacob and Joel, visited him at home this afternoon too.

He moves slowly and gingerly, grimaces often and has some very sensitive areas, but he's definitely improving.
I sat with him for half an hour while he soaked in the bath before I headed off to my taxi shift.
When I dropped into home at about 11.30 he was still awake, propped up on the sofa, watching a soccer DVD!
I'm glad to say that now, 3.00am, he is asleep, though still on the sofa.

Footy Talk Back
I listened to the footy on the radio while I was driving tonight and enjoyed hearing the ABC call of Hawthorn thumping Collingwood. We all know there are certain irrefutable truths in life and one of them is that there is no middle ground with Collingwood, you either love em or you hate em. They have more fans than any other team so more love them than any other team, but conversely, 15 other sets of fans loathe them so more hate them than any other team.
Thus, Collingwood losing sits just below your own team winning on the ladder of football enjoyment.
With this in mind, I rang the ABC team in the post-match talk-back and was eventually put through to Gerard Whately. A previous caller had celebrated the fact that Collingwood had lost.

Our conversation went like this:

Me" How much did Collingwood lose by?"

ABC: "54 points"

Me: "And how many games have they lost in a row?"

ABC: "Three"

Me: "That's all, I just wanted to hear you say it again, thanks".

ABC: amidst sounds of laughter "There are some sick listeners out there!"

And loving it!!

Even though Sport Boy is out of action for a few weeks, my coaching responsibilities continue. The team are playing down at Margaret River at noon tomorrow against the MR Tigers, so I'd better go to bed and at least try and get some sleep. At this point I feel quite wide awake so I'm not sure how successful I'll be. Undoubtedly I'll feel it in the morning.

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