Sunday, August 31, 2008

Football Football Football....that's what God made weekends for!

Good news sports fans, Cornerstone under 11's won their quarter final this morning 7-0.
Sport Boy had a good game but Jacob was the star with 4 goals. They now progress to the semi finals next week, probably against the Redbacks who beat us a few weeks ago when Sport Boy was out after his appendicitis and Daniel was away too. We should be much better this time round. Because of the importance of the game I've even taken the radical step of having two training sessions this week!!! Sport Boy went to Bunbury with Ben for a country week practice game this afternoon, leaving me free to cruise a few garage sales and an auction without complaint. I got a few badges at one but very little return elsewhere so I headed home to watch the Cats destroy the Eagles by 99 points.
It's always good to beat West Coast and also to maintain good form before the finals start next week, notching our 13th win in a row and a 21-1 season, one of only four teams ever to do that in 150 years of football. But, the real interest in the game was in the scoreline: I had $10 riding on it in a bet with Patesy who I gave a 15 goal start. The Cats needed to increase their lead by 5 goals at 3/4 time and when they hadn't kicked a goal by the 10 minute mark of the last quarter my money looked gone. But then the boys started to respond to my urging and yelling and piled on 6 goals to reach the required total easily and guarantee my $10 dividend!

Having only had 3 1/2 hours sleep between the taxi and the soccer I went to bed for few hours then got up to watch the Franklin-Fevola shoot-out. Lance got the two he needed for 100 in a season in the first quarter. Fev needed 8 for his ton but kicked poorly and never looked like it in the first half. However he came with a rush in the second half and managed to kick 7 before the final frantic minutes. His team mates did their best to feed him but Hawthorn wouldn't play along and managed to thwart him at the death, leaving him stranded on 99 for the season, the first player in history to finish on 99.

The day of football has had a sadder end as the Wallabies are in the final throes of a thrashing by South Africa. It got so bad The Heir went to bed before haf time!!


Peter said...

OK I have just become a Cats supporter (again) for the month of September.... Carn the Cats!!!!

Marcus said...

Welcome aboard the Cat Wagon Pop.

Anonymous said...

Hi hairy legs :-)... the work email you gave me is bouncing back my mail.(address unknown) Please SMS the correct address.... Gary D.... PS, Beware the Hawks.. and of course..... Go Tigers!