Sunday, August 24, 2008

Opal Fever

Can the Opals do what no-one has been able to do before? Beat America in the Basketball?

Already today Ken Wallace won the K1 500m gold and tonight in a stunning finish Matt Mitchen won the 10m platform diving gold, the only diving gold not won by China!

Go the Opals.

Several Hours Later, after finishing my shift in the cab.

The answer is No! Not even close! Terrible shooting and a completely dominant American team combined to consign Australia to silver for the third time in a row. Disappointing but in light of how good the yanks are it's a notable achievement.

In other disappointing results Spurs lost their second game of the new Premier League season, 2-1 at home to Sunderland, and Cornerstone went down to the MR Gladiators again, 3-1, BUT it was a fantastic match in which our kids played extremely well and had several chances to score goals which may well have turned the result our way.
We're into the knockout finals from next weekend so it's do or die from here. The kids have played so well all season I really hope they get one more crack at the Gladiators in the Grand Final. Sport Boy played a great game in his return following the appendectamy.

I overheard the following snippet of conversation from a couple of the MR players during the game:
MR Kid 1: "So much for not being as sharp because he's just had his appendix out!"
MR Kid 2: "Yeah, he's even sharper".

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