Monday, August 04, 2008

If I'm this old I should be smarter than this...

I played my first game of footy for two seasons this afternoon and based on how knackered I was during the game, and how sore I am after the game, it may be another two years until I play my next one.

I love footy and when I was young had some reasonable ability.

I'm not young any more and don't have much ability left either.

Because Collie only had 7 players I, and 10 other Busso players, were traded to the visitors.

In the first quarter I couldn't get near the ball and when I did I thought I was going to cark it from the exertion required!

Thankfully things improved after that in that I got the ball a few times, and no longer felt I was about to expire. Most of my disposals found a team mate and I ran the ball out of the back line Matthew Scarlett style 3-4 times.

My ankle held up OK. Breaking it two years ago was the reason I haven't played since.

My calf on the other hand is sore from a knock in a marking contest.

No more than I deserve!

I went to see The Dark Knight tonight and I enjoyed it. I was a huge Batman fan as a kid but the modern interpretations of the Caped Crusader are a long way removed from the old Kapow/Zap/Smash TV show. It was dark, courtesy of Heath Ledger's starring performance as the Joker and Batman's own inner turmoil as a loved but feared vigilante operating outside the law. It was heavy on the violence too, no way is it a kid's movie. I will not be surprised if Ledger wins a posthumous Oscar for his performance, it is quite something.

Sport Boy Update. He's getting a little better each day and this afternoon ventured out to come and watch me try to play football. He'll be off school all week which may drive both him and his mother mad.

Favourite Daughter Update. FD and some friends went away for the weekend and went 4 wheel driving but unfortunately one of the vehicles rolled over and a girl was seriously injured. She is in a critical condition in hospital. Favourite Daughter is Ok but obviously shaken.

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