Friday, August 08, 2008

Let the Games Begin

The Olympics have started. We're watching the athletes march in to the opening ceremony at the moment. The opening has been stunning so far.

Nepal are marching in at the moment.

The big question is how will they light the Olympic flame? Based on the show so far it will be pretty spectacular.

We started our Olympics earlier today, the Phat Phriday Olympcs that is!

Paper shot put, paper javelin, the one legged gymnastics balance, the backwards long jump and the bicycle tube tug of war. The kids loved it, especially those who won gold medals, the chocolate variety.

The Heir and Karlien helped me run it now that Favourite Daughter is living in Perth.

I had some connection problems before I could post this so several hours later I can confirm the lighting of the flame was indeed spectacular.
Also that Favourite Daughter is home for the weekend, it's good to see her.
Sport Boy had a mysterious attack of leg pain tonight, complaining that it was burning! He was pretty distressed but nothing we tried seemed to help. Eventually he settled a little and fell asleep on the sofa. I left him there.
Before the Games
It will come as no surprise that Geelong won tonight, beating the bottom team Melbourne by 116 points. Geelong have been transformed from a side that a few years ago would have been susceptible, despite being high on the ladder, of dropping a game they should never lose. Time and again Cats fans watched them fail to deliver when they really should.
Not any more! The Cats are ruthless and machine-like. Regardless of who they're playing or what the circumstances, they approach every game the same way, and nearly always get the same result! That's now 35 wins from their last 37 games, the best winning streak in AFL history. The finals are just four weeks away and they show no sign of easing up, of pacing themselves, of protecting their stars. They just play great footy, week in week out. And I love it!

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