Thursday, August 07, 2008

Myth Busted


So much for the cheap DVD player myth!

I took it back today and said "It doesn't work!"

The guy in the shop (picture long hair, knitted beanie, pierced lip) said "Did you try it in more than one power point?"

"No" (as if?!!) (power's power as far as I know)

Beanie guy plugs it in, hey presto, it works! The tray slides in and out, it responds to the remote, it works!!!

Beanie guy is gracious in victory. "I had something similar happen to me, too many things plugged into the one power board, not enough amps...more techno babble"

OK I accept I'm wrong! No need to rub it in.

Chastened, I take it home and plug it in a different socket. Sure enough it works, the tray opens and closes, the remote turns it on and off.


Let's put a disk in and see what this baby can do!

Disk inserted, a footy game I'd dubbed from the hard drive, "loading....loading....loading....

bad disk" says the display as if disciplining a mischievous puppy.

I'll try another one. "loading....loading....loading....bad disk"


Let's try a pre-recorded disk, the Geelong preliminary final, I know that works.

"loading....loading....loading....bad disk"


What about this one, The Treble-Manchester United, Sport Boy has watched it a dozen times.

"loading....loading....loading....bad disk"

Not impressed!

One more, what about a rental, something Mrs Holt Press got out the other day.

Signs of life, different noises, no bad disk message, a series of zeroes appear.

I press play. Nothing happens.

I press menu. Nothing happens.

I press all the buttons I can think of. Nothing happens.

"Bad machine".

Not only does the cheap DVD player not play burnt disks, copied disks or rented disks, it won't even play brand new disks. It won't play any disks!

I'll be paying another visit to Beanie Guy tomorrow! I don't think he'll be pulling a rabbit out of his knitted hat this time! I hope not anyway!

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