Thursday, August 28, 2008

Red Squares

As I said last night I've been painting quite a lot lately and here are a couple of my works. The first one is quite large, painted on linen, a first for me, it's a bit smoother than canvas. People often remark that my pictures have an Aboriginal feel to them. That is not my intention but I acknowledge the similarity in style at times. The photo doesn't show it all that well but there is a lot of small detail in the concentric patterns and layers so it took me several days to complete.

This is another one in a similar style to what I've done a few times before. They are popular and I enjoy doing them so I guess I'll keep going. Monet painted a heck of a lot of pictures of his garden after all!! (That's where the similarity ends of course!!)
Sally doesn't like me including words in my paintings but Mrs Holt Press does so while I respect my old friend, I have to disagree on this point.

Soccer training was better than normal today: I asked the kids to bring their game day attitude to training and to a large extent that's what they did. We're into the knock-out stage of the finals now and play Vasse in the Quarter Final on Saturday. The kids are pretty excited about the do-or-die nature of the finals, I think they'll be a bit nervous come Saturday.


Birchy said...

Training for junior sport - you seem to be having some hasseles witht the soccer team. What specifically are they are? I'm interested because of what I picked up at a level 1 AFL coaching clinic.
The guy leading it said that their surveys showed that most kids who drop out of footy do so because they find training boring and repetitious. They wanted more games and fun- faie enough i reckon. So I've adpoted more of this approach with junior basketball to great success. The hard drills and heavy work can be saved until they get older and want to take it more seriously. i don't know if this is were your soccer team are at, but i reckon every training session should finish with a game, and the kids love it when you get invovled too.

Marcus said...

Yeah you could be on to something there mate. Part of the problem is that half the team are very talented and the other half are average. The talented kids really want to train and improve and do their best, the other half complain and look for ways to avoid doing stuff. Trying to cater for both groups is not easy.
They do love scratch matches but that doesn't necessarily help them, the good get better, the average stay the same because they can't get into the game.
Thanks for the feedback and ideas.