Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Between jobs

I've slipped in to home during an unexpected lull in the taxi to take my medication and catch up with Mrs Holt Press who informs me she spent $8.50 at the Country week Soccer Team fund raising clothes auction tonight! Mostly on items that didn't sell in the first round and were reduced to a bargain price of 50c. We love a bargain here at Holt Press!

Today went really well with The Darlow Show at school, playing their music and talking to the kids about Aboriginal culture and reconciliation. I was really glad to have them and got positive feedback from staff and students.

My phone has rung which means I've got a job to go to.


barrandgirl said...

Bragging rights humbly offered from the Sydney Swans. The only good thing I would say is it probably means we slip out of fourth and don't have play you in the first week of the finals. Geelong are too good at the moment - but don't bank the flag yet Marcus - they are still Geelong!

jayne said...

am not happy with spurs' start to the season!don't think berbatov will be with us for much longer either...hopefully we'll get a great new striker to replace him though!i'm still gutted keane went to liverpool!