Friday, August 15, 2008

The Feast Continues

It's been a busy day. I helped run a sausage sizzle at lunch time to raise funds for the Red Cross. It was part of the community service program that all secondary students now have to complete so there were lots of kids assisting, most of them usefully. We sold every snag and raised a good amount of money too.

I had planning and prep to do in readiness for Scott Darlow's visit to school tomorrow. I've set up a full day of performances for him as well as a slot on the Phat Phriday program. He was at Busso a couple of years ago and was really well received so I'm hoping he'll be a big hit again tomorrow.

In the afternoon I had a regional cluster meeting with all the chaplains in our region. We've gopt a couple of new ones so it was good to meet them and network a bit. YouthCare are employing a new Area Chaplain in the SW shortly which should be a really positive development. They're also still looking for someone to fill the position at the new Cape Naturaliste College two days a week. I'm trying to encourage a young guy I know to put in an application, I talked to him about it again tonight.

Tonight I reffed 1 game of volleyball and played in 2, for 2 wins. I'm getting better and feeling more comfortable in the team now. They play at a much higher standard than I'm used to and it's taken me a while to get up to speed. I still feel like a fish out of water at times but I'm at least making a contribution in other areas and even got a few spikes and blocks in tonight. Watching the Olympic volleyball is pretty motivating, they are awesome!

Of course, all these tasks had to be fitted in around keeping up with the Olympics. I had to come home briefly to get a few things for the BBQ and happened to time it perfectly to see the Aussie girls sensational gold medal win in the 4 x 200m freestle relay. I was crying by the end of it, it was a fantastic performance. Often it's the unexpected victories that are the most inspirational.
I've just been watching a Japanese equestrian competitor who is back at the Olympic Games after a 44 year absence, having last competed in Tokyo in 1964!!!!! He's now 67!!!!! Wow
Then there's Ivan Tassev, a 41 year old volleyball player for Bulgaria who are ranked #4 in the world! There's hope for us old blokes yet!!!


Middo said...

was a good game Marcus! Had lots of fun, especially that close 2nd set!

James from Duns

barrandgirl said...

What? A higher standard of volleyball to the team I played in with you? Ha ha. I watch the beach volleyball today and thought of getting back in the sand. Good fun.

Middo said...

Gee it is a small world! Nice to see you round these parts Rach!