Monday, August 25, 2008

The Grand Finale

It's over.

China won.

So did the Cats for the 20th time this season.

The Hair is not well, he stayed at a mate's place last night and had a bad headache, shivers and some sort of "hallucinations". He assures us there were no drugs or alcohol involved.
He's still got the headache, shivers, a sore throat and a temperature but he's better than he was last night. He's asleep now, hopefully that will do him some good.

The Heir has returned home after two weeks living on site at the resort while he filled in for the manager who was on holidays. Its good to have him home again.

We had Lee and Kathy and their three little boys over for a BBQ this arvo, it was great to catch up on all their news and to welcome them to Busso. I hope we'll get to see them often and strengthen the friendship we began when we were all at Joondalup.

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