Monday, August 11, 2008

Blog Back Log Pics

I finally tracked down a download that enabled me to upload pictures from my phone to the computer today, which means I can catch up on a few blog posts posted without pictures from the last few months.

This is from the night I got the taxi bogged in a slippery paddock out past Yallingup at 4 in the morning and had to be rescued.

Some of the kids from school protesting against the lack of resolution of the teachers dispute which ultimately resulted in them, and us, missing out on Country Week this year. The govt have made a decent pay offer at last but have not responded to other concerns expressed by the teachers union and thus directive one remains in place. Hopefully with a state elction called the dispute will finalky be resolved. Hopefully!

Sport Boy in hospital prior to his appendectamy, smiling through the pain as he is entertained by Captain Starlight.
One of several personalised plates I photographed while I was in Melbourne, this one was outside the pizza bar near the internet cafe in Glenroy. Perhaps not the best or smartest message to be displaying on your car.

As predicted, I slept till about 3 this afternoon, dozing in between snippets of the Olympics on the radio and the sounds of Sport Boy cheering and urging Stephanie Rice to victory in the 400m individual medley to win Australia's first gold medal in Beijing.

I pottered around cleaning up various messes in the car port and patio, throwing out as much as I could. At a garage sale yesterday I bought a small TV for $15 to enable me to watch both the SBS and Ch 7 telecasts of the Olympics simultaneously. Sport Boy is loving the Games, watching everything with equal avidness regardless of whose competing or what the sport is.

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